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“Cowboy is the best dog in the world!  Crew kept saying he’s so cute and Cowboy was so playful. Cowboy was jumping around and he’s so happy in our home and we love him so much!  Thank you Sherri! Working with The Human Animal Bond has been such an incredible experience! When I was 18 years old, I found an abused dog in the streets and adopted him. I had him for 10 years and he changed my life. After he passed away I was heart broken, it took me 5 years to even think I would be able to adopt again. Finally when I was really ready to find my next new companion I had an unfortunate experience trying to foster a severely abused dog. The result of that situation left the dog being sent back to the breeder (which was the best option). I felt lost but knew I would find my dog. I came into contact with Sherri. She is such a blessing in my life. She introduced me to this sweet, 2 year old male. We spent some time swapping stories and discussing his bread. Sherri wanted me to keep him over night, spend some time with him to make sure we were the right fit. We bonded so much the first few days and remember almost bursting into tears one morning while I was realizing I found him! I found my perfect dog! My son and I named him Cowboy and we are so lucky to give him a forever home.”



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