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Meet Blanca: Your Future Best Friend

Hey there, I'm Blanca! I've been through a lot recently with my eye surgery, but despite the pain, my recovery is going amazingly well. At 5 months old, I'm eagerly searching for my forever family, one that will provide me with love and care. In return, I promise to shower you with love, cuddles, and a lifetime of playful companionship!

I'm super sweet, great with other dogs, and being young, I'm open to learning all the tricks and behaviors you'd like to teach me. Adapting to change isn't a problem for me - everything is new and exciting! I'm up to date on my shots and was spayed at the same time as my eye surgery, making for an interesting recovery journey.

I was part of a litter of three, so I do enjoy company, and I'm also kid-friendly. Please consider giving me a loving home, as I'm eager to dedicate all my love to my very own family. I promise to be an epic friend for life and to protect my family with all my heart.


Update on Blanca the amazing White German Shepard pup!


Update on Blanca

🐾 Blanca 🐾, a 9-month-old white German Shepherd, is in need of ongoing medical care following a procedure on her eyes to address inward-growing eyelashes that were scratching her eyeballs. Although the procedure was successful, Blanca requires further evaluation by a specialist to ensure that her vision has not been impaired. Given her playful nature and social behavior with dogs of all sizes, she is eagerly awaiting her forever family.

Medical Care Sponsorship

We are currently seeking donations or sponsorship specifically for Blanca's medical care as she awaits her forever home. Your support will help cover the costs of her ongoing medical needs, including the specialist evaluation for her vision. Your contribution will make a significant difference in ensuring that Blanca receives the necessary care for her well-being.

How You Can Help

If you are unable to adopt or foster, you can still assist Blanca in multiple ways:

  • Visit our website to learn more about Blanca's story and medical needs.

  • Share this post and spread the word about Blanca to help her find her forever home.

  • Consider contributing to Blanca's medical care through donations or sponsorship.

Your support and generosity will play a crucial role in ensuring that Blanca receives the care she needs as she awaits her forever family. Thank you for helping us make a positive impact in Blanca's life! 🐾

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