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Pet Rehoming


Surrendering an animal is a serious decision. It is one that heavily affects animal and people’s lives and should not be done without immense consideration and looking at all possible options prior to giving up an animal.  At The Human Animal Bond, we are here to help during this difficult time, and want what is best for the animal.  However, as badly as we want to save all animals and help them find their forever home, this is not always possible. We are a smaller 100% volunteer run rescue and have limited resources and capacity. We do our best to support each family the best we can.


Owner Foster- The Human Animal Bond supports the owner with rehoming their dog while the owner continues to care for the animal. HAB can help with veterinary expenses and supplies during this process. (Dog must pass temperament test.)

Foster Home - We have a foster home open and a dog can be moved directly into foster. (Dog must pass temperament test.)

Courtesy Listing- Owner just wants help with advertising the dog, or Happy Tails Happy Homes is unable to take a dog in the rescue because of one or more of the following reasons.

- Dog does not pass the SAFER Temperament test.

- Dog has a bite record.

- We do not have the resources to support the dog in our rescue.

In any of these situations, we can offer the owners an option of posting their dog on our adoption sites. However, the owner is responsible for the adoption process. Happy Tails Happy Home does not take any ownership of the animal who are a courtesy listing.


*As badly as Happy Tails Happy Homes wants to help every dog in the world, we are sadly restricted by resources and our insurance policy.

Reevaluate Your Situation

Many pet-related problems can be frustrating, and you may feel that relinquishing your pet is the only solution. But before you take that drastic step, be aware of the wealth of resources available to help pet owners such as yourself deal with problems that can seem overwhelming.

Behavior Problems

If you are dealing with a pet behavior problem, consider firs consulting with your veterinarian. Many problems may be due t treatable medical conditions. For example, a house trained pet may begin urinating in the house due to a urinary tract infection rather than a behavior problem. Your veterinarian will be able to rule out any physical causes of the problem and may also be able to refer you to an animal behaviorist or trainer in your community who has the experience and expertise to help address your pet’s problem.

Second consult with a professional behaviorist or trainer. Sometimes it takes working with multiple trainers to solve the problem. One solution does not always work for all dogs. Remember change does not happen overnight. Training takes time, consistency, and patience.

Animal Aggression

Often times people report aggression towards people or other animals as a reason for relinquishing. This is a behavioral or medical issues that needs to be evaluated by a veterinarian, behaviorist, or trainer. Many behaviors considered aggressive can be addressed with training and management.

Housing Problems

In a recent study, “Moving” and “Landlord won’t allow” were among the top reasons for the relinquishment of pets. If you are moving an having trouble finding animal-friendly housing look online for “Pet Friendly rentals” in your area.

Family Heath Problems

Do you or a family member have a health problem that makes it difficult to keep your pet? Check first with your physician for medical opinion before taking a drastic step or relinquishing an animal.

Dog Food

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