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Finding the perfect dog daycare can be a challenge, especially when it seems like every facility is either too expensive or won't accept certain breeds. For me, the search for the right place for my beloved canine companion was a daunting one. However, I am eternally grateful to have stumbled upon Sherri and her incredible dog daycare. As any pet owner can attest, our furry friends quickly become more than just pets - they are our loyal companions and our best friends. For me, my dog was an essential part of my life, particularly during some of the more difficult times. However, when I landed a job and realized that I would have to find somewhere for my dog to go while I worked, I felt overwhelmed and uncertain. Unfortunately, the search for a suitable dog daycare proved to be even more challenging than I anticipated. I encountered numerous facilities that would not accept my dog's breed, and some even rejected us outright after seeing my dog. As a result, I felt hopeless and unsure of what to do. The thought of giving up my best friend was devastating, and I couldn't bear the idea of being separated from him. Thankfully, I found one more place online and made an appointment to see it. From the moment I met Sherri, I knew that we had found the right place. My dog immediately warmed up to her, and I could sense that she had a genuine love and appreciation for all dogs. The tour of the facility only confirmed my instincts, and I was relieved and grateful when she agreed to take us in. But the kindness and compassion of Sherri and her staff didn't end there. When my dog fell ill and required expensive vet treatment, they stepped in and helped me pay the bill. I was overwhelmed by their generosity and support during a difficult time. Despite their best efforts, however, my dog and I soon found ourselves homeless and without anywhere to go. Sherri, however, refused to let us down. She offered us housing, allowing me and my dog to remain together during a difficult period. Thanks to her, we have been able to weather the storm and remain together, providing each other with love and support. Throughout all of these trials and tribulations, Sherri and her team have been an incredible support system for both me and my dog. I never have to worry about his safety or happiness while I am at work, knowing that he is being cared for by people who love and appreciate him as much as I do.


Not every story has a happy ending, but thanks to Sherri and her incredible team, mine and my dog's story has become one of hope, perseverance, and unwavering friendship. For that, I will always be grateful.

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