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Lucy, Penny, & Dale

The mission of the Human Animal Bond organization is to raise awareness and promote understanding of the various emotional, physical, and mental benefits of the bond between humans and animals. Furthermore, they strive to offer support and resources to animals and their human companions. One example of their incredible work is the touching story of Dale, an 84-year-old man living in an elderly community with his beloved dogs, Lucy and Penny.
After a tragic fall, Dale was left in need of physical therapy and rehabilitation. His two faithful companions were temporarily placed in boarding at Your Animals Best Friend, but soon faced the possibility of being adopted out due to Dale's wheelchair-bound state. His family feared that the dogs would cause him to fall again and hurt himself, thus not allowing him to keep them.
Upon discovering the family's dilemma, they were transferred to the Human Animal Bond organization to receive the help they needed. The organization sent Sherri, who regularly brought Lucy and Penny to visit Dale. The positive impact on his well-being was apparent, as his memory improved, and his mental state showed improvement. His beloved pets helped him remember the life he had before the accident, and their regular visits brought immense joy to his life.
Sherri even suggested the possibility of sleepovers for Lucy and Penny with their dad. The experiment was a success, and the dogs began sleeping over regularly. The constant companionship of his pets and the physical activity of taking care of them helped Dale improve his health and reduce the need for a wheelchair.
The Human Animal Bond organization pulled Penny and Lucy's adoption off the table, and they continued to care for and assist Dale's family. Their goal is to keep this family together and ensure the highest possible quality of life for them. The organization needs to raise funds to cover the ongoing care and expenses required to keep Dale and his furry friends together.


Some kind words from Dale's son...

"Sherri truly is a gift… Thankfully I found her when I was looking for some help when my father fell and broke his hip, and could no longer care for his two Chihuahuas. I merely called to board the animals while we figured out another option. My father cannot take care of them anymore full-time, but he was attached to them, and Lucy and Penny were certainly attached to him. Sherri took them on and kept them at her kennel and took personal interest in making sure that they were healthy. Over time, my father being on a budget wasn't going to be able to pay for housing the sweet little dogs, and I was going to have to find someplace else for them to live. Sherri was going to help with that, but then determined  that it would be better for my father and the animals to remain in contact so she has been bringing them over and letting them stay with my father while taking care of them all the time. So far above and beyond what anybody would normally do or what I could imagine would be possible." 

"Sherri is a kind, and lovely person who has been able to continue to enhance my father’s life, and even keep tabs on them for me since I live 400 miles away. She’s an inspiration and I hope that my work affects people the way that she affects people."

"I would like to end by saying that Sherri walks the walk… She truly believes in her mission, and I know that what she speaks of his true, because she's proving it by helping my father continue to have good morale, an important connection with his doggies"

"If you have any questions at all, please give me a call. I would love to speak more about the amazing gift Sherri has been in our lives."

Dale Head
Director of Operations 
MindWinder Aviation.


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