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What We Do

Please feel free to explore our wide array of services, encompassing retention, rescue, and adoption. Whether you need assistance, are interested in volunteering, considering a donation, or simply wish to learn more about our work, we wholeheartedly encourage you to join us on this meaningful journey.


Our Pet Retention Program
Our initiative, comprising the Chow Hound Pet Food Bank and Friends for Life program, is dedicated to aiding struggling pet owners by providing resources and referrals to help them maintain their pets' presence at home where they truly belong.

Friends for Life Program
This program aims to link pet owners with affordable veterinary care and other essential pet resources, ensuring that they have the necessary support to care for their pets.

Chow Hound Pet Food Bank
We also operate the Chow Hound Pet Food Bank, which supplies pet food to families in need, ensuring that their pets' bowls remain full, even during challenging times.



The Human Animal Bond is dedicated to providing a range of services aimed at supporting and rescuing animals in need. Here's how The Human Animal Bond helps animals through rescue:

Pet Support Services

The organization provides community services identified or developed by shelters to assist pets and people in need.


Lost Pet Reunification

The Human Animal Bond prioritizes reuniting lost pets with their families through shelter services.

Supported Self-Rehoming

Programs are in place to enable the community to participate in the process of finding new homes for their pets without having to enter a shelter.

Intake-to-Placement Process

The organization takes in animals in need and identifies or places them in the best environment available.

The Human Animal Bond's approach empowers animal welfare facilities to be at the heart of their community’s support system, with a focus on saving lives and supporting local communities, pets, and people alike. Through these initiatives, The Human Animal Bond plays a crucial role in rescuing and supporting animals in need, ensuring their well-being and safety in various communities.


Considering Pet Adoption from The Human Animal Bond

Adopting a pet is a wonderful decision that can bring joy to both the animal and yourself. The adoption process at The Human Animal Bond is designed to ensure that animals are placed in permanent, responsible, and loving homes. Here are some important details about the adoption process:

Interactive Adoption Process

The interactive adoption process aims to match animals with permanent and loving homes.The staff at The Human Animal Bond work closely with potential adopters to ensure the best possible match for both the animal and the adopter.


Adoption Application

Prior to meeting an animal, potential adopters are asked to complete an adoption application.

The adoption application helps the staff better understand what potential adopters are looking for in a companion animal.


Adoption Requirements

Adopters must complete an adoption application and fulfill the adoption requirements to be considered or approved for adoption.

If you're considering pet adoption, we encourage you to reach out to The Human Animal Bond for more information on their adoption process and available pets.

Thank you for considering adoption from The Human Animal Bond.

Help Today!

As a non-profit organization, The Human Animal Bond relies on generous donations to support our mission. Your contributions enable us to sustain our highly-affordable adoption and foster care program, as well as fund our rehabilitation and outreach initiatives. Additionally, we greatly value the support of volunteers like you who play a crucial role in furthering our cause. Explore the ways you can make a difference today 

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