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Dear Supporters,

We at The Human Animal Bond are immensely grateful for the unwavering support we receive from compassionate donors like you. It is your generosity that allows us to fulfill our mission of enhancing pet adoptions in Huntington Beach and across Southern California. It's important for us to convey the significant financial requirements involved in our pre-adoption services, which range from an average of $425 to $880. These costs far exceed the adoption fees we collect from new pet parents, making your contributions vital to the continuation of our operations. Your donations play a crucial role in sustaining our accessible adoption and foster care program, as well as funding our rehabilitation and outreach initiatives. Every contribution, regardless of its size, holds immense value and is deeply appreciated. Whether you're considering a one-time donation or a recurring commitment, your support has the power to save the life of an animal in need, granting them the opportunity to experience love and happiness. We wholeheartedly thank you for considering a donation. Your generosity is profoundly valued by us and the animals we are dedicated to serving. 


We extend our warm regards and heartfelt appreciation for your continued support.


The Human Animal Bond


Ways to Help

We offer two convenient ways for you to contribute, making it easier than ever to support our cause. Whether you opt to donate through our GoFundMe page or prefer the direct PayPal option, the provided links below will seamlessly navigate you through the donation process. Your generous donation is sincerely appreciated and will significantly aid us in our mission to assist animals in need. Thank you for your invaluable support.

Other Ways To Help

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Adoption Flyer.png

Our need for funds is ongoing and so are our fundraising events. Visit this space regularly to see the variety of events we host each month. You can have a great time while supporting our adorable furry companions.

With your invaluable contribution, we have the capacity to provide nourishment, , play items, and health-related resources, among many other things. This permits us to administer adequate medical care, recreational activities, and interaction, which are essential to guarantee each animal under our protection is given the needed love and attention, crucial for their physical and psychological welfare.

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