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What We Do

Dog Shelter
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Below, you can explore in depth our various services. Whether you're here to seek assistance, to volunteer, to donate, or simply to learn more about what we do, we warmly welcome you to join us on this rewarding journey.

What We

The Human Animal Bond is a nonprofit, no-kill animal protection organization devoted to safeguarding animals' welfare and nurturing positive bonds between animals and humans. We operate a foster program and have no salaried employees. All financial contributions to HAB are directed exclusively towards the care of our animals.

Pet Rehoming

Choosing to rehome a dog can be a tough choice, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's negative. Viewing it objectively, if a pet owner is no longer capable of providing the right care for a dog, responsible rehoming can ensure that the dog receives the attention and care they need.


Our mission is clear - to rescue animals in dire need. Our calling, prompted by heart-wrenching living conditions and unthinkable abusive treatment faced by innocent animals, is a responsibility we bear with utmost devotion.

Pet Retention Resources

Before making the decision to rehome your pet, please review our pet retention resources. Below you’ll find information and assistance available to help pet owners with many different challenges, and you may be able to find a solution that allows you to keep your pet.

Help Today!

As a non-profit organization, The Human Animal Bond depends on donations to fulfill its mission. Donations help us maintain a highly-affordable adoption and foster care program. Gifts fund our rehabilitation and outreach programs. Click below to see how you can help today.

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